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We at invite you to submit your suggestions. We will turn over every suggestion we get to the Chargers and to the Mayor's Task Force. We will also continue to develop our own research, with the goal to come up with a means and mechanism to achieve a win-win "conflict resolution" for all sides concerned.

Pass the word on by emailing these statements and news pieces to your fellow fans and friends to help spread the word. You let the Stadium Task Force where you know behind their solving the stadium question and keeping the Chargers.

About Us

We at are 100% Lighting Bolt Chargers fans. We are totally independent of the Chargers and any of their organizations. However, as we want to work with both the team and the city, we invite the Chargers, owners, coaches and players alike, and all other San Diego citizens, to join with us in working out a solution together which will work to the benefit of all the people (local fans who are the taxpayers) of San Diego, large and small businesses impacted directly and indirectly by the Chargers, the Mayor, the City Council, and the fans of the Chargers worldwide.