San Diego Chargers Stadium!

Reasons for a Stadium Complex

Our mission at is to update our fellow NFL football fans – our fellow San Diego Chargers fans! – with an interest in the economic and qualit-of-life vitality of San Diego, on the importance of building a new or renovated stadium as part of a mixed-use development complex at Mission Valley, doing so without raising any new taxes. We all need as much information as possible to be able to make an informed decision regarding supporting or not supporting a renovated or new football stadium complex. We see it as our mission to keep reminding everyone that this is about San Diego, not just the Chargers, although it is the Chargers that makes it work, and, to repeat, it is also about building a new or renovated stadium without raising new taxes.

NFL building boom
NFL building boom statistics (from 2002)

Several cities have answered "Why not!" to the question,"Why build a new stadium?" Within that last 10-20 years, several cities have built new stadiums, including Atlanta, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Oakland, Carolina, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Landover, Md., Foxboro, MA, Houston, Seattle, Philadelphia, and New Orleans. (One team, the Minnesota Vikings, has been unable to get a stadium built and is now looking for a new city to relocate to that will build a stadium.) What about San Diego? Will we join them or be left behind?

It is time for the City or the Chargers or both together, to stand up and say: "We are committed to keeping the Chargers in San Diego, and using them to leverage a new stadium complex for the economic and quality of life benefits of San Diego without raising new taxes to do so!" Who will stand up to start the ball rolling?

Compelling Points

Reasons for San Diego

We at believe that there are enough examples out there to provide San Diego with a model which will work for all concerned, from the taxpayers, that is all citizens, to the legislators trying to develop a public-private partnership that will satisfy all, to the owners who will need to show a profit, to the coaches who need to develop a competitive team, to the players on the field, and to the fans in the stands and watching on TV and listening to the radio.

As fans, we're thinking football. At the same time, we would like to begin a conversation about resolving the football stadium issue for San Diego. We believe there is a stadium solution that will benefit not only the team, but also fans and the City of San Diego. We are committed, cooperatively to "Creating a solution to continue a tradition."